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An Outstanding, Professional and Reliable Farriery Service covering Surrey, West Sussex and Surrounding Areas.

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"I've only ever used Mike but he was brilliant and I know he wouldn't hire anyone who was less than fantastic. He was the only farrier who could previously get shoes to stay on my TB and was very patient with him."

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"About 3 years ago, when Mike came to visit us the first time, my horse, with heavy arthritis in the left hind leg, had completely lost his trust into anything/anyone that even seemed to look like a farrier. He would simply not pick up this one left hind foot.


Thanks to Mike’s knowledge, calmness but also assertiveness my horse has fully recovered from this anxiety and has gained back all his trust. I remember that the first time it took almost 2 hours to shoe that one difficult foot, but Mike has never lost his patience and always took it at my horses pace. After a couple of visits, we, unfortunately, moved out of Mike’s service area and we went straight back to square one. I just could not find a farrier, who had the knowledge and patience to deal with my horses trust issue.


Luckily, after I phoned Mike and explained our misery, he actually was willing to put up with a journey of over 1 hr (one way) and agreed to continue to shoe my horse until we would find someone else! We are now in other capable hands, but will always be thankful to Mike, for what he has achieved. I would not hesitate a second to recommend Mike to other horse owners. The time it took to shoe my horse reduced with every visit and now, my horse happily picks up his leg as if there was never a problem. "

Heike Huwald And Wimbledon


"MJ Farriers had been shoeing my horse before I bought him. Righ had been in heart bar shoes for years but developed lameness in front fetlock joints that meant he needed more heel lift and support.


Mike took the time to discuss various options, explaining each of these options before we decided on a graduated frog support bar shoe that worked wonders. Righ is now retired from polo and turned out without shoes. Mike continues to care for Righ's feet, giving him a regular trim. I can highly recommend MJ Farriers services.!"

"During the four years we have employed MJ Farriers, we have found them to be most satisfactory in both reliability and service and would highly recommend them."

Ealing Riding School

Wimbledon Rightgeous

Helen Gilman and Righteous Gent


To whom it may concern


Michael has been our farrier for the past 18 months, during which he has shod our hunters and children’s ponies.


He is a first class farrier who carries out his work with both pride and excellence. Michael is personally trustworthy, polite and friendly. He is a good timekeeper, and has often attended to one of the horses at very short notice and anti-social hours of work.


His remedial farriery is excellent and we owe one pony’s soundness totally to him. He handles the horses with quiet confidence and has been sympathetic with the young stock.


We could not recommend Michael highly enough and will miss him and his service greatly.


Jo Horton with lots of horses!

Ealing RS