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An Outstanding, Professional and Reliable Farriery Service covering Surrey, West Sussex and Surrounding Areas.

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Services and Costs

Speclalist Shoeing (per set)                  £90


Bar Shoes (per pair)                              £80


Bar Shoes Refitted                                £70


Wedge Pads                                         £20


Natural Balance Pads                           £30


Crack Patch  (each)                              £40


Equithane Pad (each)                           £40


Hourly Rate                                           £95



All hand made shoes and glue shoes are charged at the hourly rate plus materials. 

Regular Shoeing


Specialist and Remedial Shoeing


Call Out


Lameness Problems


All consultations with a Veterinary Surgeon or other specialist, viewing X-rays or giving advice and/or opinion will be charged at the hourly rate.

All shoes supplied by MJ Farriers carry a 7 day guarantee against loss. Lost shoes will be replaced free of charge during this 7 day period after which fees may be applicable.

Yards or premises that we class out side of our local area will incurr a call out charge. Please ask if your area involves a charge.


Call out will be charged for missed appointments.

Foot Search                                            £30


Lameness Assessment                          £30


Shoeing Assessment or                         £30

Pre-purchase Assessment

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(Full set of shoes)


Michael Rhys Jones DipWCF              £90


Yard of 1-5 Horses                               £80


Yard of more than 5 horses                  £75


Lost shoes (out of guarantee)              £25


Stud Holes (each)                                  £2.50


Road Nails (each)                                  £1.50    


4 Feet Trimmed                                       £30


Lamanitic Trim                                         £60


All payment is at the time of shoeing, unless an agreement is in place. Payment by cash, card or bank tranfer by arrangement. (no cheques) All account invoices must be paid on receipt of invoice, late payment may incurr charges.

Call 01483 200083 or 07500 334 175